Grave Expectations

by GoGo Eskimo

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released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


GoGo Eskimo Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Just a Couple
She's a sin shy of perfection
As she slips into the bed
“We won't make a habit of this”, she says
And I mind if you don't mind
It'll be alright if it's just tonight
And if you don't know it's a lie, neither do I
I count the steps on my way back
Wrestle the keys into the door
The sun breaks in through the window
The blinds beat it to the floor
And I beg the moon to stay,keep the sunlight away
And I leave my eyes open as I pray, I pray

Just a couple more moments please
Before the die cast day breaks the morning's
Frame and you know we have to leave
Just a couple more moment before all this ends
And we can just be a couple, just be couple
Just be a couple friends

And there's a tattered piece of me
That clings to her sleeve
Like the leaves to the tree's’ branches
I'm a plain flight away
From my Penny Saver romances
So, come on baby, won't you tell me what to do?
It's pathetic how dependent
I can get when I'm with you
I walk the aisle, I find my seat
I look out across the runway
And I keep my eyes open as I pray, I pray
Track Name: Finding Light
In the dead of night
When the stoplights start flashing
Well, that's when you'll find the ghost of me
Haunting the streets, half past dead on my feet
Hollow as empty, torn just like a sheet in the wind

Done wasting away on all of these doorsteps
Well, maybe just one more
Let's see how this ends
She's in love with leaving, she's got her reasons
She can keep them, I don't need them
As long as she lets me in because

It's cold out there, it's only getting colder
God knows October comes earlier and
Earlier each year, she's sanctity in a warm bed
It's just like her to raise the dead
She's finding light on the frightening side of me

When I'm dead wrong
And she sees right through me
She talks right you me just like a Ouija board
She don't seem to notice I'm decomposing
All my limbs are frozen but she keeps me warm

In the spirit of confessing, she possesses
Everything that I could ever want
The moon in my night, the chill in my spine
She is the best that I could ever haunt

In the dead of night
When the stoplights start flashing
Honey, that's when you'd find the ghost of me
Track Name: Jaundice
Tell me it's over, we'll sober up and go home
One day we'll be over and after that we'll be dead
I've been cracking my mirrors
I've been facing my fears
& the terrors that await me in the back of my fridge
It's a hard thing to see, it's even harder to say
When you're the biggest mistake
Standing in your own way
It's relieving somehow and I can just wait around
To be run out of town with pitchforks and horses
And men on big horses, with torches and torches

And I won't try to hide it
I could use the rest the peace and the quiet

I'm breaking my teeth on every word that I speak
In the land of the meek, I'm the weakest of weak
I'm so sick of myself it's affecting my health
I could just shake it off but I just choose to dwell
I shouldn't complain because I know I'm to blame
All these nights that I bent til they broke into days
But sometimes you just got
The glimpse of a longshot
A song in a parking lot, destined to end
Through speakers weaker
Than the music that plays them
Again and again and again

And I won't try to hide it
I could use the rest the peace and the quiet
This place is cigarette smoke
And beer soaked sorrow
Girls painted like ghosts
Say they're dying tomorrow
If I could get my fix or fix it
But I know I'm broke as broke could get

But I'm hopeful, so pathetically hopeful
But I'm hopeful, so pathetically hopeful
So fucking hopeful
Track Name: Plots
Won't you, won't you, won't you
Walk me back home
It seems like everyone's leaving
Me in my own, me all alone
We can pass this flask I snuck in
And share our thought
Discuss alternate endings, direction, & props
Holes in the plot
Fog collects beneath the streetlights
We're walking
Comparing movie stars to satellites
We replay or favorite scenes shot by shot
Rewriting all the lines that were forgot
Holes in the plot

And the heat from the street rises up to our feet
As we stagger beside or shadows that drink
I find it eerie, I find it strange
All the feelings a funeral can change

I'm just scratching at my stitches
All these pennies and these wishes
Reminding me that this is the best that I can do

Time holds you closely, so slowly, I see

And the heat from the street rises up to our feet
As we march in time to the echoes they beat
You'll find it honest, I find it plain
All the lives a funeral can change

Time holds you closely