Tales From the Shed Vol 1

by GoGo Eskimo

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released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


GoGo Eskimo Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: The Bedroom Song
...and when we meet again
Will she do me this favor?
We'll be less than friends
We'll be more than strangers
She knows who I am
And she knows what we was
She named my scars
Back when I called them cuts
It's simple as silence
It's calm and it's quiet
I'm breaking inside
But I'll try to hide it

I'll be the writing on the wall they can read
I'll be everything they swear they'll never be

I won't let it show but I'm dying to know

Does she taste the same as she did when I called her mine?
Do they fall apart everytime?
Does he wear here all day like his own skin?
Know her better in ways than his own sin?
Is she the Bible in his drawer?
Is she the bottle under his bed?
Is she the growling in his stomach?
Is she the howling in his head?
Does he treat her better then I did?

I taste her like fire and she holds me like smoke
I'm the ash in her arms and she's the coal in my throat


She heats up the walls and she spreads through the floor
I wait as she comes and breaks down my door and I say...


Hurt me again, God give me anything
these scars are my wedding ring, these scars are my everything
Shackle my hands, come claim my heart
These chains the you got keep me from falling apart
So hurt me again, God give me anything
These scars are my wedding ring


The bed's been in flames since the day that we met
scorched at first sight
She licks and she bites and keep begging for it


I scratch at the walls and I fall to the floor
I pray that she comes and I beg her for more. I say...

Track Name: I, Regret
I will regret this moment at the end of my life, not just this one but I'm sure it will be involved, in displaying to me, all the time I waste. I will regret this moment when I die. I have been a ghost since the day I was born, and my teeth all fell out years before that, but you put me in a basket, and took me for your own, and I pray to god that you never throw me back. Because something in my soul looks just like an infant, lying on a hard metal table, crying out and reaching for anything bigger than it. To give it two arms to call a home. My legs are strong enough to start walking, west ward straight in to the setting sun. I tried my best to settle in but the alarm clock drove me away. And the debts and gravity keep me in my place, bury me under the things that I regret, and put this song on the very top, there's nothing I hate more, than the way I think. I hope someday we all can forgive me.
Track Name: Photos of an Empty Room
I beg for steady hands in the dark of your apartment
It's the farthest thing from honest, honestly
I really feel the cold as you slip into my sweater
It always fit you better than it ever fit me
And I couldn't bear the the thought of breaking your heart, dear
So I'll just have to settle on this framed photo of tonight
You look at me like you think that I'm lonely
But you know you don't know me. You know that, right?

I'm coming down and the TV's talking
I can't focus on it
I wonder why I'm around
Have I become just furniture to you?
I decorate your bedroom and I don't make a sound
I entertain the thought that I could ever break your heart
As I watch as you settle on this framed photo of me
I know, i know, I know
There's judgement in silence
Judging by the quiet you want me to leave

But we'll call it a rough patch